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About Remedy Credit Pro


 Our goal is to help you achieve all of your financial goals, answer your credit related questions and get you on the path to credit success in the future. We want to take this opportunity to share with you all of the products and services that we offer that will help you increase your credit score and achieve your goals not to mention we offer credit repair services to any US Citizen living in any of the 50 United States.

Our Services



180-DAY CREDIT RESTORE PROGRAM - A full-service credit restoration program that focuses on creating a stable credit report along with credit score improvement. We identify credit triggers that have caused your credit score to be stagnant or poor. This process also includes the removal of any inaccurate information listed on the credit profile. Services include our budget savings program, insightful goal setting, removal of inaccurate credit information, and the addition of establishing new credit accounts


TIME TO RESTORE -The Credit Restore program that we offer requires a minimum of six (6) months to fully see its full potential. During the six-month enrollment, clients typically see a credit score increase within the first forty five (45) days of initial enrollment. The credit bureaus by law have 30 days to investigate any disputes or inaccurate listed information. After that, they must inform you of their results and send you a copy of your updated report.

PROGRAM INVESTMENT - Our Credit Restore program must have an initial consultation to qualify you for the program. After qualifying as a candidate, a one-time investment of $300 is collected for your credit analysis. This is our fee for the full credit restore program. If you are looking for just item deletions, please look below for our  "FlexPay" program (pay for item deletion) option.

FLEX PAY PROGRAM - Yes we do realize most of our potential clients are on a budget so we currently offer a "FlexPay" option where the client is only responsible for payment of deleted items. FlexPay clients have a non-refundable one-time setup fee of $50 plus whatever amount of the type of item service you select.

Here are the rates per item:

Personal Information: Free of Charge

Inquiry Removal: $25.00

Charged Off Listings: $50.00

Collection Accounts: $60.00

Late Payment: $35.00

Repossessions: $75.00

Student Loans: $90.00

Bankruptcy/Civil Judgement: $100.00

Foreclosures/Child Support: $125.00

Why Us?



Every plan is a layer of security added to every client's service package which means, NO ONE FROM OUR COMPANY WILL EVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. Any type of correspondence to the bureaus or original creditors will be done by you directly with the assistance of our credit specialist. We also guarantee that if we are unable to increase your credit score within one hundred and eighty (180) days, we will refund every nickel and dime you've invested (excluding consultation fee and credit analysis fee).

You also have the chance to opt out of your contract as long as you provide a written thirty (30) day notice to our processing center.