Introduction - Remedy Credit Pro University


About This Class:

Learn How To Delete ALL Negative Items From Your Credit Report and Improve Credit Score!

It is possible to repair your own credit and raise your credit score. All you need is a proven to work technique and a few dispute letters from this video course.

This easy to watch and easy to follow video course has helped many satisfied customers to remove negative marks from their credit report. We will cover:

- Credit Basics
- Your Credit Score
- Obtaining Your Credit Report
- Understanding Your Credit Report
- Disputing and Settling Debts
- Dealing With Collection Agencies
- Increase Your Credit Score

Why Should You Take This Course?

After taking this course you'll be able to fix your credit report, raise your credit score, stop collection calls and get loans or credit card applications approved. Discover why you need credit, Learn how to repair credit and also how build credit. Once you complete our course you will be prepared to be your own credit repair specialist not to mention we will provide the forms needed to help you along the way.   

What is included in this course?

- Certificate of Completion - (Must score 90% or Higher)

- 609 Dispute Forms (All 4 Rounds)

- Cease and Desist Letter

- Dispute Letter (Charge-Off Account)

- Dispute Letter (Collection Account)

- Dispute Letter (Incorrect Payment History)

- Dispute Letter (Inquiries)

- Dispute Letter (Method of Verification)

- Pay For Delete Letter